Hi! I'm Nikkie Zanevsky and I created Wildly Fit. I believe fun, unregimented movement is essential to a quality life. 

I've been training parkour for 12+ years. As a Stick Mobility certified trainer and MovNat Level II coach, I combine mobility, stability and strength elements in my workouts, as well as partner work and games influenced by the Fighting Monkey practice.

As a kid, I loved to climb trees, jump off staircases, and treat life as a never-ending adventure.

But then I grew up.

And with each year, I watched more friends become busy and stressed, less able to find time for movement, and more prone to injuries. I also found myself cycling between periods of healthy movement and crazy times at work that kept me glued to my desk for 10+ hours a day as a business management consultant and marketing manager.  

My big "I have to do something about this" moment came one day as I was walking past a children's playground.  

Have you ever noticed how little most adults move at a playground or a dog park? The kids run and play. Dogs too. But adults mostly stand. We're so used to this sight, it seems normal. But is it?

It's as if there's an unspoken rule that after a certain age we can only watch from the sidelines or participate in specific ‘approved” movement activities (sports, dancing, or the gym).

But animals continue to move in playful and spontaneous ways throughout their lives - it's how they ADAPT and 'stay fit' in the wild. Why can't we? Are we so exhausted from our daily life that we can't jump in? Or do we stop ourselves because we feel self-conscious? Or do we just forget this is an option? Sometimes all of the above!

IMAGINE: what if you gave yourself permission (and a reminder) to move more? If you wanted to climb a wall, crawl under a fence, or run wild with your dog, you should be able to go for it. And you've come to the right place, because my mission is to help you do it all while building your most resilient body ever. 

If all this is making you say 'Hell yeah!' then take this as your personal invitation to join me on a movement adventure. Book a class or get in touch about private or small group training.  




monkeying around in college