What to Expect


Remember how much fun you had as a kid exploring the playground? Or just running around outside? 

Wildly Fit is about rekindling that awesome feeling, while building a resilient body for life. 

Our training includes influences from natural movement, parkour, and street workout calisthenics. Expect to push, pull, crawl, balance, throw, catch, jump and try new things.

We offer group classes, private training and events for all levels. Here's what you'll experience in a typical class:



First we prep the joints and muscles and explain any key movements we'll be using in class.

HIIT / Circuit Work

Then we crank it up and mix and match those movements in a circuit that challenges your whole body. We provide modifications for all levels - whether you just started your movement journey or you're an elite athlete.


Skill Work + Movement Games

In every class you'll dive deeper into a particular movement skill and often apply your learning through activities, obstacle courses or games that won't feel like exercise, but will keep you working hard. Think of it as the kind of monkeying around that can keep you fit for life.