Kids’ Programs

Parkour, Obstacle Course and Ninja Warrior-Style Events in Jersey City

We plan and produce unforgettable kids' obstacle events, birthday parties, workshops and ongoing classes in collaboration with camps, schools, local organizations and parents.


What age group is this for?

We work with all ages, 3 to adult. The obstacles and experience are tailored to participants’ age, interests and desired intensity level.

What kinds of kids’ programs do you offer?

While our current weekly drop-in classes are for adults (18+), we offer tons of kids’ options:


  • workshops and experiences

  • obstacle races

  • field days

  • after-school and gym programs


  • private and small group parkour and obstacle training (after school or during the day for home-schoolers)

  • birthday parties

Where in Jersey City are you located?

We host events at two convenient indoor locations in Downtown Jersey City, both within a 2-5 minute walk of the Grove Street PATH station. OR if you have a space, we can come to you!

What are the kids learning, exactly?

During our events and experiences, kids of all ages learn how to move well and safely in a variety of ways. They get to improve their full body motor control through balance, jumping, vaulting, hanging, crawling, carrying, and more. We use play-based learning and team and individual challenges to keep all students engaged.