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Every workout is different and I can feel myself getting stronger.  I feel great!

- Julian Hing

Working in front of a computer all day was slowly turning my body into some sort of calcified tree. Nikkie's class cracks off the bark and makes me feel like a young sapling all over again. But unlike the typical pain-and-gain bootcamp class, Wildly Fit is FUN. Every week Nikkie challenges us with new movements and games.

- Dan Gant

The exercises feel more like play than work, while still being a tough workout. You increase your range of motion, strengthen your core, and even build up your dexterity in unexpected ways by doing things like walking like a cat, squatting while balancing on a plank, and even building Jenga towers with your toes. The instructor is the the right amount of encouraging and enthusiastic and will always give variations on an exercise if you're not quite there yet.

- Stephanie Hao

The exercises seem unconventional and interesting but you definitely break a sweat and leave feeling energized.

- Aisha Darius-Bakastov

You get results while you feel like a kid again on the playground. I've felt changes in the way I move and my situational awareness altogether. I would highly recommend these classes to anyone looking to have a blast while getting into great shape and reducing the risk of injury in their everyday life.

- Irene Barnaby

Fun class, where time flies by. Every class has been very unique and always involving a new type exercise or movement.

- Ilya Gribov

Nikkie is hands down the best trainer that I have ever worked with. She's attentive to your goals, extremely organized (she even printed a detailed plan for ever session), and highly talented. She carefully describes complex movements in a way that makes them accessible, and helps you to find your ability to accomplish anything. She finds a way to make every session fun!! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness, movement, or just plain have fun!

- James Williams

Nikkie's movement instruction helped my young daughter gain confidence, grace, courage, and determination. Even when training a large group, she takes the time to give each student individual attention and personalized advice to help them reach their potential. In private sessions, she really helps bring out your best. We even asked her to host a parkour kids birthday party, and it was amazing for kids and adults alike!

- Peter Brett

I have been doing it for a while now and I love it… the best workout ever, you sweat and lose calories while having fun

- Mamta Singh

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